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2020-12-19 01:44 am
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The Clown Prince is modeled mostly after Dixon's writing and Dini's interpretation of the character in both the comics and in the animated series. Some aspects of Morrison are here too, in terms of how his mind will sometimes work but this is not the Knave of Razors (because, frankly, that version of Joker makes me want to punch the person closest to me). And, no, he doesn't have a new personality each day. That's silly.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Am I doing him justice or doing it ALL WRONG!? Let me know!

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2010-05-30 09:58 pm
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I met him, as one meets a ghost or two, between the gray Arch and the old Hotel.

The Mirthful Murderer has existed in the DCU for over seventy years. Though I read his stories with voracious appetite there are many that still elude me. As one of the apex villains of his universe he is often thrust against unusual characters. With that in mind, this is the post where I ask the question "So, you and the Joker...have you met?" If there's been any sort of encounter between Joker and your character please let me know.