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Name:The Joker
-ACCOUNT NO LONGER IN USE. I will likely switch over to another at some point. Fancy the name? Shoot me a PM!

He is sadistic, nihilistic and narcissistic. He values “comedy” beyond anything else and believes that there is no order to anything, even to his own actions. With this as a guiding principal he’s been known to behave very erratically. He may not be as likely to jump off a bridge as cross it but he is just as likely to blow it up, provided it’s funny. In fact, most of what he does he does for the sake of humor, but in his mind the funniest things are often the most horrific. The more damage is done to a human psyche, the better. When people fail to see the humor in the situation, which they often do, he flies into a violent rage. He places no value in material possessions and has actually burned or flushed away more money than most crime bosses accumulate in a lifetime. Joker chooses to exist as a creature of pure chaos.

Universe: New Earth
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Unverified
Known Talents: Genius intellect, alchemical and engineering skill, genetic engineering skill, pain suppression, resistance to poison and electrical damage
Weapons: Gas weapons, artificial venom, heavy firearms,
small firearms, small blades, improvised weaponry

This Harlequin of Hate can be found at .

The Joker is © DC Comics. All Rights Reserved.


"There he goes, one
of God's own prototypes. A high-powered
mutant of some kind, never even considered
for mass production. Too weird to live, and
too rare to die."

-Hunter S Thompson

Interests (84):

acting one's shoe size, adventures in engineering, adventures with blowtorches, adventures with crushed glass, batman, batman's big stompy boots, batman's chiseled jaw, batman's pointy ears, be a clown, being a metropolis tourist, better living through chemistry, blah, blah blah blah, bleeding, blowing shit up, bothering robin, bothering therapists, card tricks, cards, chemistry, comedy, commoners don't get me, creepy abandoned amusement parks, crowbars, dancing, dogpile of sharks, doing the charleston, drag, ethereal hyperrealities, fedoras, getting beaten up, getting the joke, getting under your skin, giggling for fifteen seconds, gotham, harley, harley?, having no empathy, high heels, homicidal artistry, hyenas, incendiary devices, jazz age slang, jesters, jokes, jokes that don't suck, laughter, making you laugh, maybe harley, mayhem, mischief, my bumbling goons, not anyone, not barry dancer's show, not poison ivy, not prison, not robin, not the penguin, not the riddler, not two-face, not you, playground logic, poisoning the water, pyrotechnics, qurac, reading, saturday morning cartoons, seeing the truth, seriously not robin guys, setting money on fire, setting people on fire, shoggoths, smashing faces with crowbars, smashing faces with rocks, smile for me, smiles, spats, still not you, the color lavender, the jack rider show, the marx brothers, things that explode, tomfoolery, ultraviolence
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