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Permissions & Statistics

.:The Joker:.


Offensive Subjects: None to speak of, I am hard to offend.
Backtagging: I am perfectly happy to backtag


Name: Unknown. Frequently called Joker
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 192 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Species: Human
Timeline: Indefinite, but before being shot in the face in "Batman & Son".

---General Info/Permissions---

Sexuality: The Joker is actually straight. The few people he's been genuinely attracted to in his lifetime have been women. That said, there is nothing the man will not do for the sake of his art so he will not only flirt with other men but sleep with them too (albeit very rarely). His outward sexual orientation is whatever makes you uncomfortable or whatever furthers his own goals. He is quite shameless. Sexuality, like everything else, becomes a weapon when wielded by the Joker.

Medical info: He is in pain all the time but is usually not aware of it. It just became another part of life to him. Because of this, he has the ability to suppress pain that he should normally feel from being wounded. Even with several ribs broken the Joker is known to keep fighting. He has also exposed himself, purposefully, to many hazardous chemicals which gives him a very high resistance to poisons and an immunity to poisons of his own design. There are actually so many toxins in this man's body that it's a wonder he's still alive. Mosquitoes that bite him die quickly from his tainted blood.

What's okay to mention around him: Whatever you want just be prepared for...literally anything.

Notes for the psychics: The Joker's mind is a labyrinth. You should be cautious upon trying to probe his thoughts. While surface thoughts are easily accessible, going any deeper may prove hazardous. If he becomes aware of what you're doing he may try to find ways to draw you in deeper and make you insane by getting YOU lost in HIS mind. If you are particularly sensitive to psychic or empathic feedback, the Joker's mind may cause you substantial distress. There could be some interesting things that happen from this. If you want to deep-scan the Joker's thoughts then let me know.

Notes for the magi: Joker is not a magical creature and possesses no actual supernatural powers. However, for a period of time he had the Fifth Dimensional magic of Mxyzptlk which he used to reshape the cosmos in his own image. Only a select few beings know this happened so odds are your character has no memory of it. After he was defeated he retained a small amount of the magic which incubated inside of him until it became the imp Bat-Mite. By this point the magic is nearly completely gone but hyper-sensitive magi may be able to detect a residual "something" if they touch him with the intent of scanning him for magic.

Abilities: The Joker possesses a genius intellect and can excel at anything he commits himself to. He is an expert chemist and engineer. His weapons are comedy-themed but all can be deadly when used the right way. He has a lethally electric joy buzzer, cyanide pies, a lapel flower that squirts acid, and razor-sharp playing cards just to name a few. When encountered out and about he is likely to be equipped with some sort of venom or chemical weapon that causes his victims to literally die laughing, a small edged weapon and a small firearm. The Joker does not like guns, he prefers knives, but is known to actually be an expert marksman.

He has no actual super-human abilities but is said to be so crazy that he comes at sanity again from the other direction. This super-sanity allows him to perceive the universe on a level that few others can so he is able to reinvent himself and his own personality as he sees fit. Because of this he is an expert liar, able to cheat any polygraph test as he often tricks himself into believing in his own lies. While not a tank, the Joker possesses the strength of madness and is incredibly agile. He hits harder than his slight frame may lead you to believe. In Gotham people tell their children stories of the local supervillains to scare them. When the supervillains attempt to scare each other they tell stories of the Joker.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Well, ask me first but I can't imagine why not.

Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: Uhm...if you....want? He's actually pretty tactile and may frequently drape all over you. Even so, he can react violently sometimes if others touch him without his permission. So, as with everything else Joker? Sure. Just don't expect it to necessarily end well.

Maim/murder/death: Ask me first, but bear in mind that he's very difficult to kill. That said...maiming? Horribly wounding? I'll probably be all for it.

Threadjacking: Obviously, if it's a filtered or encrypted thread then no. Otherwise? Threadjack at will.

On Flirting: A special notice for this. You may notice that the Joker will...flirt with you. Possibly quite a bit. But worry not, dear RPer, his player is here to help you through this traumatic experience. Truth is, Joker probably doesn't think you are anything special. He just flirts. A lot. With everything that moves (and a few things that don't. Certain species of coral.) Generally he's doing it to make you uncomfortable.

The Fourth Wall: Joker is a creature of myth. The Batman universe has existed for seventy years now and is deeply engraved in pop culture. If your character would recognize the Joker; either as a living entity or as a work of popular fiction, then feel free to recognize him. Just be aware that, well, it's the Joker. He may feel flattered or he may get moved to rage by it, depending on the situation.

Deductive Reasoning: The Joker is actually very capable at detective work. The difference being that he uses this talent to cause harm, rather than solve crimes. By watching a person intently he can pick up on subtle details such as where their eyes wander and how they breathe to determine facts about their lives. He uses his insights to worm under a person's skin, then rip them apart from the inside out. He is a student of the world and knows people very well and can manipulate their fears and insecurities in such a way that he is able to break even the most disciplined minds with enough focus. So let me know if there are any details about your character that you think Joker would know or any insecurities they have that you feel he'd pick up on. Bear in mind that usually he has to be in your physical presence to do this but he can pick up on fluctuations in your voice too if you are talking over the communicator for an extended period of time. He can also do this over a video chat.

The Joker is very chaotic and extremely dangerous. If you want to plot with him for anything ask me here! Also let me know if you'd rather the Joker not interact with you and I will do my best to keep him out of your character's hair.

CAPE AND COWL: Leave your answers here

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I should elaborate on "Game Name". I mean the literal name of the RPG you hail from, this journal is everywhere.

For most people the answer will be "Siren's Pull"

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FFFF I'M SORRY. I didn't know you played him in multiple places. XD